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Viehscheid festival in Immenstadt Germany

Viehscheid, a traditional folklore festival in the village of Immenstadt in southern Germany, when the cattle are driven from mountain pastures back to the valleys. The celebration went on for several hours as some 1,000 cattle paraded down the mountain.
The cattle, many decorated with elaborate wreaths and headdresses of greenery, flowers and ribbons and all wearing huge bells, were divided into groups by ownership. In Germanys mountainous Allgau, in parts of Switzerland and Austria, the cows are feted in the fall when they return to the valleys after spending summers high up in Alpine pastures where herdsmen live in huts near their charges.
One cow from each owners herd is chosen to be the Kranzkuh (wreath cow) and wears an especially elaborate headdress. Many of the colorful wreathlike headgear include a small mirror to ward off evil spirits.
All of the cattle are weighted down with an enormous bell, and many are decorated in greenery.Photo by James C. McDaniel III. You are welcome to share the link to James C. McDaniel III images, but use of all or any part of James C. McDaniel III images is not authorized without express permission from James C. McDaniel III.
Viehscheid festival in Immenstadt Germany