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Venetian Puppets

Venetian Festival in Ludwigsburg - A lavish festival of spectacular masks and costumes, full of colors and joy of life. The Venetian fair merges southern zest for life and Swabian coziness, Mediterranean flair and baroque atmosphere, past and present.

Almost 250 years ago, the Duke Carl Eugen in Venice, Italy, succumbed to the charm of the Venetian carnival mask and led the party unceremoniously into his residence. Today the Venetian Fair transforms the Ludwigsburg marketplace every two years in a magical and imaginative stage.

Venetian festivals are held in cities in Europe and North America. They are based on carnivale, the period just before Lent, as celebrated in the 17th century in Venice, Italy. Venetian festivals re-create the fantasy of the earlier events with food, costumes, masks, music, theater, juggling and other spectacles. The elaborate costumes and masks are handmade by artisans from various countries. Many involve male and female or group versions and are based on old Venetian characters and costumes.
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Venetian Puppets