Here are a few travel links that I have found since we arrived.  


Travel Guides:

European Event Travel Guide (download) -

On The Road in Europe -

STRIPES Travel Guide -

Of Kings & Castles:  The Road Less Traveled -

Palaces, Castles, Gardens and Lakes -

Tour Guides -

25 Top Travel Locations for Nature Photography -


Best Hikes -

Hiking (Wanderin) -

Trail Guide -

Top 10 Walks in Europe -


Rhine in Flames -

Horse Riding:

Equestrian Holidays -

Reiterhof Toll Horse Riding -

Ferienhof Schepper Horse Riding -

Wild Parks:

Pforzheim Wildpark -

Tripsdrill Wildpark - 

Birds of Prey:

German Raptor Center, Burg Guttenberg -

Birds of Prey Center -


Vacations for Government Employees -

Home Rentals -

Army Lodging -


Swedish Lapland -

Hot Air Balloon Events -

Bicycle Germany -

Explorer Voyages -

Dark Sky Areas:

Eifel National Park, Germany

Hortobagy National Park, Hungary -

International Dark Sky Places -

African Safari:

AFRECO Tours Limited -


Please share any links that you have found and I will add it to the list for others.  

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